Designed specifically for the insurance industry, the ICC Uniform Rules for Contract Bonds are a set of rules help secure uniform practice in the operation and enforcement of bonds. Clear and concise, the rules will provide an invaluable aid to business people, traders, lawyers and financial institutions.

These Rules are intended to provide a clear and concise scheme to regulate the nature of obligations arising under Bonds and claims procedure. Because the nature of a Bond regulated by these Rules is that the obligations of the parties are related directly to and depend upon the obligations of the parties arising under the Contract, the Rules do not contain detailed provisions dealing with documentary requirements or the problem of unfair calling.

In the event of a dispute arising as to the liability of a Guarantor, the Rules contemplate that such dispute will be determined by reference to the Contract. The Guarantor and the Principal are protected in that liability will arise only where default is established. The Beneficiary is protected by the assurance that any judgment or award will be discharged by the Guarantor if the Principal fails to do so. The Uniform Rules for Contract Bonds number 524 set out below shall apply where expressly incorporated by the parties in accordance with their detailed provisions. These new Rules depend for their success upon their use by the international business community. The ICC recommends the use of these new Rules which will help to secure uniformity of practice in the operation and enforcement of Bonds.