Turnkey contracts take a range of forms and at present no single model contract covers them all. The Model Contract for the Turnkey Supply of an Industrial Plant has special characteristics:

  1. The supplier’s main obligation is to supply the equipment and assist the purchaser during erection and startup.
  2. The supplier performs its obligations within facilities that are under the purchaser control.

This ICC Model Contract takes account of all of these specifics and contains enough flexibility for the parties to work out special situations for themselves. To leave the greatest possible space to alternative solutions, many issues (for example, raw materials, time schedule, erection equipment, etc.) are covered in the useful annexes.


The print version of the Model includes a USB key presenting the text of the contract in a user friendly and fully editable format, allowing you to adapt the contract to your specific needs.

If you purchase the digital version (eBook), instead of supplying a USB key we have included a link on the copyright page of the Model so you can download the word version directly and save and edit as needed.